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  Hallo, My name is Agus Isro. I come from Kuningan, West Java, Indonesia. This is My Website, I created this website from 2005. My website earlier version created using Macromedia Flash (now Adobe Flash). See my website earlier versions V1, V2 And V3.

I graduated nursing at the University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta and I really liked computers. My post-graduate study at the University of Indonesia majoring in health informatics. I work as a freelance and teaches at several universities in Jakarta.

My expertise in the computer are:

  1. Visual Basic 6 (Virus, Manipulation Windows, Show Super Hidden, Schedule Turn Off, etc. Maybe it is not supported for the latest windows)
  2. Flash Professional
  3. CorelDraw now I use Inscape Vector Graphics Editor
  4. Photoshop now I use Gimp Image Editor
  5. PHP
  6. MySql
  7. Netbean
  8. SPSS
  9. Hardware, etc.

Previously I was using Ms. Windows, Mac OS and now I have migration and moderate Study abroad ubuntu (linux). Although the operating system is still restricted in terms of software or hardware. but the open operating system has helped many people.

For questions you can contact me on the contact page or email me at isro[at]

Thank you for visiting the web
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