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28, July 2017
Input of research tool to SPSS

The first step before research is design research tool. Afterwards research tool is entered into SPSS.
its step shall be as follows:
1. Open research tool
2. Open SPSS
3. Click Variabel View
4. Name are filled with word that deputize research question.
Some rules in content Name variable in SPSS :

  • Character/letter that can be used to give name at a variable is 64 characters for newest SPSS whereas old SPSS (10 downwards) name only admissible 8 characters [only].
  • There may not be any arithmetic sign (+, -,/, *)
  • First Character may not number
  • There may not be any space, if want variable name consist of 2 words then better used sign ” _” (health status)
  • Character is may not terminated with dot (.)
  • Avoid variable naming with terms that used by SPSS like : ALL, BY, EQ, GE, GT, LE, LT, NE, NOTE, OR, TO, WITH.

5. Select Type in accordance with research question.
6. Content Label. Lable is explanation from name
7. Value fill if answer in form of category

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